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Bitcoin traded above 1200 Dollar in Euro Markets

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Job scams. PayPal/Bitcoins scams?

Back in March I signed up for indeed, careerbuilder and Glassdoor.
Due to the covid 19 company’s where hiring with zoom/phone calls interview (I actually got a job that way) but there have been so many scams it’s just ridiculous. Here is one that I actually work for some days because I found it interesting but look at this info and you tell me what your judgement tells you.
Note: I am posting this as a text because I google search the emails initials emails and there was not result out there for this company so I wanted to leave this out others’ search’s
First email
BRACK Support
Good Day ! We have RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION for the work position:
My name is J—— M—— , and I will be your personal consultant. I am a specialist of the BRACK.CH Company. First, I would like you to study the details below and make a decision about our partnership. I am ready to answer all your questions if you have any. Please learn each part of the position carefully:


BRACK.CH is a Swiss trading company founded by Roland Brack in 1994. We started using the Internet and e-Commerce at an early stage. Today, our company generates most of its sales through our online store. The number of our users exceeds 15 million. Every day there are more than 1 million transactions made. Currently we develop the North American market. The US economy is the most powerful economy worldwide and their banking and payment systems work comfortably and stably. These factors provide a basis for profitable cooperation of American and European customers. The problem we need to resolve is the language barrier. Every day we have correspondence with our employees and customers from the United States. English is not our native language. Furthermore, American English and European English have many differences that can bring some inaccuracy in our communication. Our correspondence has a business character and is often associated with finances. Any inaccuracies may cause misunderstandings. We hope that you are a responsible person who can proofread our business correspondence.


  • Every work day (Monday - Friday) you will receive an email from us containing texts for editing.
  • You will have only 24 hours to complete them. The work will take about 30 minutes.
  • You can do this work at any time and in any text format you prefer.
  • After you have finished editing the texts - send your corrections back to us. Attention! It`s very important that you white-list our e-mail address, to insure that you receive our correspondence in a timely manner. Please check your emails from us every day and check all folders, since we send emails every day.


  • You will be paid $5 for 1Kb of text (1Kb = 1024 symbols).
  • Every working day you will receive approximately 8-10 kilobytes of texts (about 50 dollars of daily income).
  • Every day we will count your balance and send you reports.
  • At the initial stage of cooperation, we will pay you every two weeks. The 1st month is a test period to check your responsibility and communication skills, after this we may sign an agreement with you. We will list everything in it such as taxes, expenses, fees, interests and everything else necessary to have a partnership with you.
  • After signing the agreement, we will be able to pay for your work daily. It will depend on your desire. Career growth is possible.
  • We use PAYPAL for payments. It’s very safe. You do not need to provide us any of your personal information. You should have a PayPal account (verified). We will send you all payments via your PayPal account.
ATTENTION! Now you have read and understand the job details. Please let us know if you are interested. Also, please provide us your PAYPAL email.
----next email ------ BRACK Support
Mon, May 25, 11:22 AM (13 days ago)
to me
We have RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION for the work position:
My name is Joseph Marshall, and I will be your personal consultant. I am a specialist of the BRACK.CH Company. First, I would like you to study the details below and make a decision about our partnership. I am ready to answer all your questions if you have any. Please learn each part of the position carefully:


BRACK.CH is a Swiss trading company founded by Roland Brack in 1994. We started using the Internet and e-Commerce at an early stage. Today, our company generates most of its sales through our online store. The number of our users exceeds 15 million. Every day there are more than 1 million transactions made. Currently we develop the North American market. The US economy is the most powerful economy worldwide and their banking and payment systems work comfortably and stably. These factors provide a basis for profitable cooperation of American and European customers. The problem we need to resolve is the language barrier. Every day we have correspondence with our employees and customers from the United States. English is not our native language. Furthermore, American English and European English have many differences that can bring some inaccuracy in our communication. Our correspondence has a business character and is often associated with finances. Any inaccuracies may cause misunderstandings. We hope that you are a responsible person who can proofread our business correspondence.


  • Every work day (Monday - Friday) you will receive an email from us containing texts for editing.
  • You will have only 24 hours to complete them. The work will take about 30 minutes.
  • You can do this work at any time and in any text format you prefer.
  • After you have finished editing the texts - send your corrections back to us. Attention! It`s very important that you white-list our e-mail address, to insure that you receive our correspondence in a timely manner. Please check your emails from us every day and check all folders, since we send emails every day.


  • You will be paid $5 for 1Kb of text (1Kb = 1024 symbols).
  • Every working day you will receive approximately 8-10 kilobytes of texts (about 50 dollars of daily income).
  • Every day we will count your balance and send you reports.
  • At the initial stage of cooperation, we will pay you every two weeks. The 1st month is a test period to check your responsibility and communication skills, after this we may sign an agreement with you. We will list everything in it such as taxes, expenses, fees, interests and everything else necessary to have a partnership with you.
  • After signing the agreement, we will be able to pay for your work daily. It will depend on your desire. Career growth is possible.
  • We use PAYPAL for payments. It’s very safe. You do not need to provide us any of your personal information. You should have a PayPal account (verified). We will send you all payments via your PayPal account.
ATTENTION! Now you have read and understand the job details. Please let us know if you are interested. Also, please provide us your PAYPAL email.
-------Some of their internal correspondence---------
4.6(D_10043121) Letter “Job Offer” Dear Sir / Madam Thank you for your interest in our company! Our company is engaged in the purchase and resale of goods in foreign auctions. Including eBay. We have been working for several years in this business and develop further. Since we have moved to a new stage of development, we have more customers, more transactions, the quality of transactions is improved, we gained experience and have made many friends. Now we have vacant positions - representative. Who lives in a country in which we sell a product and he takes for us the payment on Paypal. We cannot accept the payment on Paypal by ourselves as the limit for sending money to Portugal via Paypal - $ 350 a month. But there is always a way out of these situations, because there are a lot of good people on earth which are willing to help, and of course we will always pay for all the help we need in our business. So we want to offer you to become our representative, especially considering the fact that time that you will spend no more than 1 hour a day and not every day, and will earn $ 3,000 or more. So imagine - $ 1,500 per month is a fixed salary. In addition to the salary is 5% from each transaction. You will collect a good amount during the month. To become our representative, you need to send us the answer with request to review your application and send you the details, description, answers to your questions, the necessary data required from you in order to start the work. Of course, we will pay you at once! You will see it from the first transaction. Try to consider our proposal carefully and without shelving test yourself at this work. It’s all up to you, the more effort – the more you can earn. We guarantee a safe work! Thank you,
2.1(B_1009980) Letter for the purchaser j.
Dear —-, Thanks that you confirmed the delivery of the goods right on time. Tomorrow we’ll receive the money for the goods. Thanks for the good feedback, so we always try to satisfy the customer, as our company continues to develop rapidly, we are interested in the quality of transactions. According to your inquiry, we cannot give you a positive answer, because we do not sell firearms, it doesn’t matter whether it is broken or very old. For all other questions, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you on the same day. Thank you,
Dear J——, We are glad that you like our products. Thanks for the positive feedback. We received the payment from you and we are happy too. We always welcome a good and adequate clients and will try harder to improve the quality of transactions. Now we hire people to work as our representatives. And in the next 2-3 days, we will send all our partners, customers and other employees the job offer of a representative. To improve the quality more and big up the speed of a larger number of transactions, we have temporarily close the vacancy of our letters corrector. Everyone who is editing our letters and texts – can also become our representative.
The requirements are simple. Age - under 21 years, the country - USA, conscientious attitude to work and adherence to our rules. All rules and details will also be sent to new representatives. Each representative will be interviewed by phone and checked on databases. Expect the offer from us soon! Thank you,
2.7(B_1008346) Letter for our representative R.
Dear R——, The buyer confirmed the receipt table set and said he was satisfied with the purchase. We sent you delivery tracking in the previous letter, so confirm receipt and send the money to us, following the instructions. If you have any questions, contact us and we'll call you. Thank you,
3.8(С_1001890) Letter for the purchaser Dear J—- We have not received the money for the goods from our representative and now we have to ask you to put the disput to payment this representative. The money will return to your Paypal automatically and we will inform you how to send the money to us again through another representative. Confirm us that you have hung the disput and the money returned. We will give you the Paypal of another representative. Thank you,
2.3(B_1001233) Letter Admin.
Hello ! Thank You for your reply. We have learned all paragraphs that You have presented. We have been very surprised your ingenuity. You have made excellent work for such a short period of time. We are interested in the following options from all You have offered: We wil buy bitcoins directly from individuals. (It is how we can buy Bitcoins with no limit). We will buy bitcoins for 25-30% more expensively than it's a real course. (In other words - we will buy bitcoins for the same price then from the Exchanges + additional surtax, but without limit and without several days wait). We will involve the American sellers of bitcoins for full-time employment. (they are more active and they have more opportunities to buy bitcoins for us.) We will pay a cash for Bitcoins and after receiving of bitcoins. (This is becaus of the fact that there are a lot of scam in USA and there is a probability that anybody can send us the stolen bitcoins. We are ready to pay bitcoins with a cash for the same reason excepting bank transactions) We are going to make deals with new sellers of bitcoins with the limit of $1500 per one deal. After a first month of partnership and if we had no problems with a new seller we may discuss to lift the limitation. Please learn the list of our decision and develop the program for search and involve the American individuals. We have tested the method with our current employees and it has a success. Everyone is interested in the extra profits.
3.6(С_1007443) Letter Admin. We have got Bitcoins from our employees according to the test program yesterday. Our employees have sent us cryptocurrency: J.... C............ bitcoins for 180 USD M..... V............. bitcoins for 220 EURO A.... L............ bitcoins for 150 USD P....... K........... bitcoins for 300 EURO T..... G.............. bitcoins for 700 EURO P...... .M................ bitcoins for 1500 USD (5th deal. Limits lifted for t empployee request) P...... V............... bitcoins for 3700 USD (6th deal. Limits lifted for the empployee request) You should prepare packages with the following amounts of cash and send UPS to the following employees today: J..... C.............180+25%= 180+45=225 USD M.... V..................220+25%= 220+55=275 EURO A..... L...........150+25%= 150+37,5=187,5 USD P..... K..........300+25%= 300+75=375 EURO T..... G..........700+25%= 700+175=874 EURO P.... M.............1500+30%= 1500+450=1950 USD P..... V...............3700+30%= 3700+925=4625 USD Please confirm You have got the updates and instructions. Please send us the trackings for each deal. We need to buy bitcoins for $120.000,00 this month. We recommend You to develop the test program among our current employees first and to involve third parties. Regards. P.S.: We have started to get profiles from our american sellers. At the moment we are interested in 30 of them. Please learn their profiles and contact them by phone. Please start to work with them asap. The profiles are included in the attached file. Please work with them during american day time. This is very important as a time difference is presented about 8 hours. In case of need You should work during night time. We see how much they are interested in the offer. Tomorrow we are waiting much more profiles for reviewing.
4.1(D_1001223) Letter for our representative Michael Dear Michael, At the moment we are hiring the new representatives, because the number of sales have increased and will keep on growing till the new year. We need honest and hardworking representatives to work on the same position as you do. So as you work with us long enough, we trust you and we will gladly engage all the people you recommend. The requirements for them are the same as yours. Please let them know our e-mail and let them contact us for details. Let them give your order number in the subject header, and inform that they came from you. We will be very grateful to you. We need representatives with excellent reputation and a good attitude to work. Thank you,
4.3(D_1001844) Letter for our representative a—— # 10149 Thanks for your question. After you withdraw money from your bank account, you have two options how you can send money to us : 1.Buy cryptocurrency called "Bitcoins" , more infromation @ google or to find local place you can try or just google company who exchange cash to cryptocurrency. 2.Send cash to our bitcoin agent , at the moment we working with UPS it mean you can send cash via UPS . You just need pack cash in envelope or small box wrap it good and send from local UPS office. Our bitcoin agent living in US too and if you send package for example today it will be delivered tomorrow morning . Cash via UPS is already verified by our company and you don't need to use bank transfer. It will save our and your time ,also it cheaper and more secure. Instructions will be prepared today and you should receive it shortly. Please check where is local UPS office located so you can send money today. It's very important to follow instructions and send in the same day. Because bitcoins rates is not stable , anytime it can go lower and we can lose money. Hope you have all answers on your questions and now you understand process. Please wait for our instructions. Thank you,
5.4(E_1001532) Letter for the purchaser j——. Dear J——, We cannot accept any payment from you to our bank account because you are in America, and we in Swiss. Otherwise you will have to go to the bank personally and fill out the forms for the transfer sending. You cannot send us the money on the phone or via Internet. Therefore, please accept our payment option and send the money to our representative on Paypal. It's a safe and secure way. We have a theft of money very seldom, and always carefully check our representatives before employing them. Let us know about your decision as soon as possible. Thank you,
4.4(D_1001198) Letter "Q & A" for the beginners who want to be our representatives. 1. What is your site? -> BRACK.CH 2. What do you do? -> We buy and sell various valuable as well as antique things in foreign auctions such as eBay. 3. What should a representative do? -> Accept the payment for the goods on Paypal. 4. Why cannot I send the payment directly to you? -> In Swiss Paypal has the limit for "reception of the money" is $ 350 a month. We’ll never ever have such prices for the goods. 5. How much will I earn if I take for you the payments for your sales? -> 5% of each sale - instantly. + $ 1200 - at the end of each month. 6. How much time will the work take? -> 15-60 minutes a day. 7. Do I run any risk? -> If you will not steal our money, you run no risk. 8. I do not want to give my bank account because I'm afraid. -> Bank account is not necessary. The payments for the goods we receive via Paypal, so we don’t use anything but Paypal. 9. Will the customers call me? Or do I have to meet with someone? -> No. It is not necessary, we will contact you via e-mail or by phone. 10. What have I to do when the money comes to Paypal? -> Nothing. Just let us know and wait until we have confirmed the delivery of the sold goods and the purchaser confirms that the goods suit to him. Then we put you the tracking for delivery on Paypal and then we can take the money. 11. When the money is available on Paypal after the tracking is added, what have I to do next? -> Just send the money to your bank account. And from there you can send the money to us. 12. Who will pay the fees for money transfers? -> The fee will be paid for with our money. You will see all this in the instructions. 13. What Paypal do I need to work with you? -> Verified. Limits lifted. 14. How to remove the limits? -> Please, contact Paypal and ask them about it. For different accounts there are different requirements. 15. I want to work as a representative. How much will I earn per month, and how to start? -> You'll earn about $ 3000 - $ 5000 per month, depending on amount of sales. 16. Should I pay anything to start working for you? -> No, you should not.
5.3(E_1001689) Letter Hello ! we have made the explanatory letter for our American employees at your request. We have answered the frequently asked questions and have described the principles of the work. 1. The job is not full-time. And You may have a full-time job and at the same time. You can combine the job with your main full-time work. In case of a successful test period during a first month we may sign a contract. We work 24 hours a day that is why You may choose the time convenient to You. 2. Additional training isn't required. It's enough to know how to use bitcoin account and to know where to buy the bitcoins. 3. We pay onlya cash for bitcoins during 24 hours after bitcoin received. In individual agreements we may pay by PayPal. 4. The minimum amount of deal - $100. we don't operate with less amounts because it does not make a sense because of shipping expenses. 5. The limit of the amount of one deal - $1500 during first month test period. The limit is presented for your and our security. In case the test period is successful we will lift the limit. With respect.
—————- After a couple of this one I receive this ———-
Hello again ! Your attention, please!
Our Company has made some changes in the way we will be doing business in order to improve customer service and efficiency of transactions. Due to these changes, the position of document editor will be temporarily suspended.
Please be assured that you will receive your proper and promised payment for the jobs you have already completed and your funds will be delivered to PayPal in a timely manner.
As you have been an exemplary employee and have proven yourself to be responsible and reliable, we wish to retain such a valuable individual in our employ. Therefore, we wish to offer you an alternative permanent position that offers the possibility for career growth and a significant increase in salary.
The new position will not involve any additional time demands than did the editing position. Upon acceptance of this position, we extend the following financial offer to you: A fixed salary of $1500 every month, plus a 5 percent commission for each completed deal. Most of our representatives earn an average of $5000 to $7000 every month!
Just as was required for the transcribing/editing position, you must have access to a computer, the Internet and be available by phone on workdays. Further, this position also allows you to concurrently continue to work at your regular occupation, if desired.
To accept this offer, please confirm the receipt and acceptance of our offer via email. We will immediately send you the precise details of your new position and you will be able to start right away! We look forward to your reply!
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LOEx Market Research Report on May 30: If 9200 points is not broken, hold currency to rise and follow the trend

LOEx Market Research Report on May 30: If 9200 points is not broken, hold currency to rise and follow the trend
[Today's Hot Tips]
1. [Early Bitcoin Developer: Satoshi Nakamoto invented the GPU mining code to defend the Bitcoin network]
According to Cointelegraph, according to early Bitcoin developers, Satoshi Nakamoto prepared several versions of GPU mining code to protect Bitcoin from 51% attacks. Early Bitcoin developers who worked with Bitcoin founders in 2010 stated that in order to defend the Bitcoin network, Satoshi Nakamoto had invented the Bitcoin GPU mining technology in advance. Laszlo Hanyecz is famous for making the first Bitcoin transaction in the real world, and he is also praised for inventing Bitcoin GPU mining. However, in an interview, he said that Satoshi not only invented the algorithm before him, but also had several versions of the algorithm.
2. [The number of transactions on the BTC chain increased by 85.96% compared with yesterday]
As of May 29, the number of active BTC addresses was 767,900, an increase of 60.13% from yesterday; the number of transactions on the chain was 280,800, an increase of 85.96% from yesterday; There are 597 large-value transfers on the BTC chain with more than 100 transactions, an increase of 9.94% compared with yesterday. The number of active ETH addresses was 501,700, an increase of 61.73% from yesterday. The World Research Institute believes that there is a positive correlation between the active transactions on the chain and the currency price.
3. [Digital dollar released white paper]
The "Digital Dollar Project" released a white paper on May 28 local time in the United States. As mentioned in the white paper, "digital dollar" is a form of US dollar token that will coexist with existing fiat currencies and commercial bank funds, reflecting the many attributes of tangible currencies. Digital dollars balance personal privacy with the necessary regulatory compliance.
4. [21: 00-9: 00 Keywords: digital dollar project, Amazon patent, French central bank, stock]
  1. The June contract of CME Bitcoin futures closed down 0.94%.
  2. The stock market has outperformed Bitcoin in the past 12 months.
  3. The Digital Dollar Project released a white paper aimed at laying the foundation for the US CBDC.
  4. The US Patent and Trademark Office has approved Amazon's DLT system patent application.
  5. Bank of France spokesperson: An “internal private blockchain” has been established to test the digital euro.
  6. The International Monetary Fund reiterated its opposition to the digital currency of the Marshall Islands.
  7. Governor of the Brazilian Central Bank: The final step will be digital currency.
  8. The Russian crypto community protested against the draft bill that completely bans crypto transactions.
  9. Novi spokesman: Calibra was originally named similarly to Libra. The name was changed to avoid confusion.
[Today's market analysis]
Bitcoin (BTC)In the early hours of this morning, BTC continued to oscillate within a narrow range around 9400 USDT, and then rose slightly. At present, BTC is generally adjusted within a narrow range around 9450 USDT. Some mainstream currencies have rebounded slightly in the early morning after a turbulent downward movement, and they have started to fall again in a short time. BTC is currently reported at 9376.1 USDT at the LOEx Global, a decline of 0.25% in 24h.
During the daytime yesterday, Bitcoin attacked more than 9,600 points and was blocked to fall back to 9,400 points. From the first wave of BTC to the top, the callback of 8400 points mentioned in the article that the possibility of BTC can be increased to 10,000 points. At that time, when the position was opened to 9600 points, there could be more than 1200 points of income, and the income was considerable. However, this wave is characterized by the fact that the amount of energy has not kept up, and a process of replenishment is required. As long as the callback does not break 9200, it is still a long trend.
Everyone can hold the currency and wait for the rise, have the opportunity to hit 10,000 points again, and follow the trend
Operation suggestions:
Support level: the first support level is 9200 points, the second support level is 9000 integers;
Resistance level: the first resistance level is 9500 points, the second resistance level is 9800 points.
LOEx is registered in Seychelles. It is a global one-stop digital asset service platform with business distribution nodes in 20 regions around the world. It has been exempted from Seychelles and Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) digital currency trading services. Provide services and secure encrypted digital currency trading environment for 1 million community members in 24 hours.
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Bitcoin binary options trading.

Bitcoin binary options trading.
on the Anyoption website. For this, all information can be found on the platform in the information section. A demo account can be used to assess whether trading strategies are profitable in terms of earnings without committing funds. Anyoption offers to trade on a hundred stock market assets commodity, Forex, indices, stocks.The trading of Tweeter and Facebook assets on Anyoption offers big returns on investment.Anyoption is constantly evolving, it is allowed to make binary options trading on values ​​that generate big profits like Facebook and Tweeter. Facebook shares went public with a value of $ 38, its listing for a year has risen to reach a rating that exceeds $ 50. Tweeter is a promising value for the future with an introductory quote at $ 26, shes quoted above $ 46. Both stocks are a boon to traders looking to make big profits on their investment. On Facebook, Anyoption offers profits of 300%.Trading Bitcoin binary option with Anyoption and make big profits.Bitcoin made its IPO in 2009, it has the distinction of being completely anonymous. A Bitcoin is not palpable, it is a virtual currency, it can be exchanged exclusively on the Net in exchange for a currency (USD, EURO ...). In 2012 Bitcoin had a value of $ 5 to reach in late 2013 240 times its value is $ 1200.This is certainly the value that offers the biggest profit that can reach 190% with Anyoption. Bitcoin trading is in US Dollar, the trading approach is the same as for other options. Just determine if the Bitcoin will go up or down in a certain time. It is done with One Touch binary options. The High / Low and Rang options are not available.Broker recommended for trading binary options:
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Looking to start daytrading!

Hello Daytrading subreddit!
I'm a 21 year old student from europe and i'd really love to learn more about trading and specifically daytrading. I got a little into crypto currencies last summer and invested 400-500 dollars after making te usual beginner mistakes and losing about 200 dollars i 'stepped up my game' and got my portfolio to grow to be worth 1500 dollars after which i got 1200 dollars (1000 euros) out to put back into my bank account. Now i'm a little hooked but i don't like the idea very much to always trade "against" bitcoin. I'd like to learn more about the stock market (currently thinking about penny stocks because i would not be able to start with a lot of money). I'm trying to learn as much as i can from youtube videos etc. but it feels a little overwhelming. I really don't know where to start and i do not have to money to pay for all these expensive courses i come across on so many websites.
My question is; where do i start?
I guess i need to practice a lot in a simulation environment first? So called papertrading? I don't know where to find such a "beast". Also what programs do you recommend a daytrader should need? i guess scanners etc.?
Thanks a lot for the help. Any input is very very appreciated!
P.S. Sorry for the bad English, not my first language
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Dear Redditors, Please read to avoid my mistakes

Hi there,
Please don't be discouraged about me being a new account. I am a reader, its just in my nature to not really post anything, i tend to just lurk around. And looking at other threads/posts I know how you guys don't really take new accounts serious.
Im a 24 year old sinology bachelor, currently studying for one year in Kunming, China at the Yunnan Normal University. My story with bitcoins began like 7 years or so ago when my father showed me an article about bitcoins. quite new back then. He though it was worth getting interested in the technology but back then I didnt really have anything to invest, not did i really care that much for investment(lifes good when you have nothing but games on your mind)
I finally wanted to get into bitcoins around 4 years ago, i think it was the time when one bitcoin was around 800 dollars. I wanted to invest the money I had saved up over the years, i didnt really travel, had no real expenses just earned some money here and there in online games, especially Entropia Universe(which was kinda a virtual casino back in the good days, had a lot of luck too :)) I had just began my Chinese studies in Poland. At first my investment was a complete horror, i couldnt focus, couldnt do anything really but to check the bitcoin prices. But the price kept going up, which did make me happy, up untill 1200... when it crashed. I did panic sell as soon as I realized what had happened, did make a small loss, but looking further i did the right thing as bitcoin had crashed to 200 dollars, couldve been much worse. I had lost confidence in bitcoin, despite having read a ton about it all i really wanted was some inner peace, as it was nerve wrecking. 2 years later I once again decided to get into bitcoins, the price was at around 400 dollars, still cheaper than at what I had bought it at first. However, I used the polish exchange bitcurex. I had invested around 20000 polish zloty, which at that time was around 6600 dollars i believe. I never sent the bitcoins to a wallet because in the back of my head kept lurking the situation from 2 years before, that i might be forced to panic sell to avoid huge losses. That was a mistake the exchange shut down, along with my investment. As you can probably imagine, it took me a long time to get over the fact. I did my best to totally avoid anything bitcoin related, begged others to never mention them to me again.
I did get over it... untill it exploded. The prices After the news of Japan legalizing it just kept going up, it became ridiculous, i wanted to get back in but in the back of my head kept lurking the crash from 2014, mentally disabling me. Guess how I felt constantly calculating what i could have had, basically allowing me to live my life without any financial worries. Every day it just destroyed me. I became obsessed with the bitcoin price, hating myself for not doing anything. I didn't really save up much more since the time of the bitcurex shut down but I did have an euro savings account which my grandmother set up for an emergency. There was around 4000 euro on it, it took me a while but seeing as the price surged upwards i just figured it might be better invested in bitcoins, of course knowing that IF something happens im sure I could figure a way to get the money back. This time i chose also a polish exchange accepting euros, also easy to get into, you can transfer money into the exchange after verifying with your passport. I did of course read a lot about the exchange making sure it wont let me down like bitcurex. The fear of the crash in the back of my head got weak as i justified the price rise to japans legalization and didnt really think that a crash could happen. I was convinced it would keep going up not down. And it did go up, again I couldnt focus on absolutely anything but the bitcoin price, totally obsessed with graphs, every news and so on. After a few stressfull days, i kept getting calmer as i already was having a profit. But, the price crashed again, and again i sold, again with a loss. Well, discouraged again, i hated myself for trusting bitcoins, and i hated bitcoins, mainly because of the mass of nerve wrecking pain they gave me, feeling it everywhere, from head to toe, nerves going haywire.
Anyways, the last part, bear with me, this is where the shit hits the fan. Since the first crash after japan i took a break, again. I didnt think the stress was worth any amount of money, seriously, it destroyed me and consumed me. I did not withdraw the money from the exchange as i wanted to wait for the crash to settle and maybe buy back in. Although I was ready to withdraw right away really, i kept holding... cash :p. It didnt seem right to withdraw less than I invested. I became obsessed with graphs, with bitcoin news. Staring at the damn things for hours, checking them as soon as i remember. They were there, in the back of my head.... all the time. i figured it wasnt worth it, i knew how much it would consume me if i had money invested and I had just a few months to finally get my bachelors degree. I observed the market over the next months, hurting inside for not doing anything, but i was happy without the stress these things gave me over the years, maybe it was meant to be. But... end of october i came across the news about yet another hard fork, the mid november fork. It seemed obvious to me that the price would go up so I once again, one month ago, decided to finally just go for it again. This time using a feature of the exchange, the forex. I called all my friends and family and scraped together around 21k polish zloty. For that I bought my bitcoins at around 23.5. I used the exchange for a loan so in total i had 150k invested. It went well, thankfully, and as soon as i heard of the fork cancelling i decided to sell and be done with it. It was a success, I was happy for making some money, happy i could share with friends and family. Feeling i god damn deserved a reward for all the stress and time invested in this. Finally feeling a sense of accomplishment.
However, my current studies in China suffered majorly, again... couldnt really focus on these damn chinese characters. Its nowhere near as much as it could have been with the funds lost to bitcurex, hell i probably could also show off with a tesla right now(which i most definitely would not have, i had other plans, moving to new zealand) I was done there and then, but i kept looking at the graphs, seeing the crash, then the huge rise, then the news and this super legends prediction of 15k by the end of this year. After 10k people stopped believing in a crash, even here on the reddit forums.. I decided to go for it again, i waited a long time though, the bitcoin price was at 9800 dollars when i decided to buy in again. It hurt, considering i could have done it earlier, but i was so stressed out i needed the rest, even if it meant not making money. But the guilt of not acting got to me. Trying to make up for lost time and having imagined the possibilities what could be achieved with a bigger amount of money i invested everything i earned from the previous gains. I again set up the forex, investing a total of 300k. It didnt seem real to me that any real crash on the polish exchange could happen. By the time finex reached 10500 the polish exchange was still like 3k polish zloty behind, which did seem like a lot. It was even more for the japanese, which was over 5k ahead. It seemed like a good time to go in. So I did, this time confident, after the polish exchange price went from 35k to 39k i didnt really think it could affect my loans. Then I saw the crash happening, the huge red candle. like 4000 bitcoins sold on finex in just a minute. I saw it from minute 1, being obsessed with graphs Ive been staring at them most of the time for the past weeks, ... huge candle, still time to sell on the polish exchange... and then my VPN disconnected (Nord VPN), all i managed to sell was one forex order before the disconnect, it didnt take long for it to reconnect but it was too late, the polish exchange went nuts, absolutely nuts, the price dropped from 39k to 31k in less than 5 minutes, it was so clogged that I barely could refresh the site. What does that mean for me? Well, all my loans got cancelled, within 5 minutes, i went from almost 2 bitcoins to 0, Yeah 5 minutes was all it took for the exchange to lose 1/4 of the price HOW?? it was still at least 5k behind japan and 3k behing america WHY?? And all I really needed for the exchange was to drop 2k less, it all just seemed wrong, so wrong. The exchange is also offline as I write this.
This is a screenshot which i send to my cousin, who also is my best friend shortly before the crash asking if I should sell,
what might sound unbelievable, his sister was giving birth, today, so he wasnt here for the crash, nor could he have given me advice, but he was there for the birth of the baby. Its all good though we wanted to put half of the earned bitcoins into an account for the new child, it was my idea too. So the day aint all that bad right? right? Maybe it was all equivalent exchange, I had to lose for it to gain, the price had to be paid? Gotta get these excuses rolling to justify what happened. Here is my conversation with my cousin, i sent him the pic of my bitcoins at basically the same time he told me his sister is giving birth. All just a few minutes before the crash. Its in polish though, if you understand it :p
Now the fun part, i felt relieved, so relieved you cant imagine, these bitcoins consumed my live for the past years, consumed my thoughts, hell i had dates i cancelled because i saw market instability... I felt relieved that there is no way back, so relieved and free from this addiction, unfortunately that feeling didnt last... In the end bitcoins kicked me in the nuts, well, maybe I did myself, maybe the panic sellers on the polish exchange did, maybe the exchange itself manipulated fools like me, hell, i dont really want to think about it anymore, i want my peace of mind, but it aint that easy, not with having lost all my money. I did have plans, but these dont matter anymore, what matters is the money I have promised to others, I do want to pay them back I just think its not fair, not considering how much time, how much stress i invested into them. This cannot be, at least for now I cant comprehend what just happened.
I hope I didnt write too much, it does help though. I just feel i needed to get this out there To all the new guys, loans on exchanges are a dangerous thing, my friend not so long ago lost a ton of money by using them betting on oil prices, should have listened, all it took him was one night to lose all his too. I guess you should listen to the majority and just HODL what you have and be happy with it, and definitely dont waste your nerves like I did, looking back now... I dont know... it seems kinda ridiculous. Oh and the baby, yep, all healthy and ugly.
If you can and believe me, feel free to, if not, good luck either way. I do not plan to continue trading like a did, i just want to lose the sense of extreme loss, its devastating. Its actually 4am here in China, started writing this because I cant really sleep, and probably wont for the night.
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Krugman and Bitcoin and Me: Radical Thoughts on Fixed Supply Currency

My dad asked me how I reconciled Bitcoin's fixed supply with the Keynesian model of supply. I understand that most people around here don't hold much stock in what Paul Krugman has to say. But much of the real world actually does, what with his Nobel prize and all. So I put some serious consideration into what he had to say about deflation, how it relates to Bitcoin, and other vague currency questions. What follows is my email back to my pa. Many of these ideas have come from my time spent in this forum, so feel free to chop it up, edit, and distribute away if you find any of it worthwhile.
Thoughts from a liberal after reading Paul Krugman's 2010 NYT piece: Why is Deflation Bad?
Krugman and Bitcoin and Me
Krugman's argument against deflation is built with a dependency: that there is a central authority which controls the money supply. So in a sense he has two core points.
(1) Krugman prefers that a centralized authority control the currency supply in order to manipulate the economy.
I'll allow that this tool can be a good, stabilizing force. But if that's the case, I want to be able to vet that institution from the bottom up before handing them the keys to the kingdom. And I want that institution to unequivocally work for society, not for Goldman Sachs. If I thought the current system worked well, I wouldn't be exploring other options in the first place.
(2) Krugman prefers that that centralized authority manipulate the economy such that it encourages spending and lending. In other words, manipulate toward small inflation.
This could be a good thing. And maybe the economy it creates is more fluid than a deflationary one. But when you bake into the system incentives to spend now and borrow from the future now, you get exactly the problems that you'd expect: over-consumption and a society largely ridden in debt.
Control of the supply of the currency carries tremendous power. It can be used to smooth natural economic cycles and encourage specific consumer and producer behavior. This supply-manipulative ability is not in and of itself a bad thing. The question is whether it is necessary- because with Bitcoin (as it stands) it is impossible. Within the theoretical bounds of crypto-currency, the abilities for algorithmic, "smart" money-supply, one that rests on mathematics rather than the banking elite, are endless. There are truly exciting developments to come in this space.
A First Consideration on Currency
Think, for a moment, of the unit of currency as sort of a creditor's note. It is an IOU from society; a placeholder for some unit of production. It says, "I produced something valuable (for someone else who takes part in this system). In return I got this note. I have reasonable assurance that one day I can cash this IOU in for something that I'll need in the future."
The unit of currency acts as a placeholder for its owner. Under this system, people trade their current productivity for the placeholder, and later (given the system still has integrity) they can trade that placeholder for something that raises their standard of living. It allows us to "time-shift" our production with respect to our consumption.
But don't forget!: A unit of currency as "just a thing". It only carries value if it is actually valued by somebody else you want to do business with. The dollar, the gold bar, the Bitcoin. the Euro, all work the same way: they are nothing but numbers or paper or metal. They are just atoms arranged in a way that make them valuable to a group of people only because they trust in the future of their common system.
Currencies are a subset of commodities. Commodities are things (oil, clothing, food, televisions) that are valuable to humans because they have useful properties. Like we said above, a currency's use is to "time-shift" production and consumption. The properties of the object that afford this advantage are usually a combination of irreproducibility, fungibility, scarcity, ease of transport, and securability.
Why is Deflation Bad?
In his 2010 NYT piece, Krugman argues that deflation hurts the economy due to three factors:
(1) People become less willing to spend, because sitting on money becomes an investment. Your dollar tomorrow will buy you more than what it can today, so why spend today? Therefore, spending goes down.
(2) Those in debt get into serious trouble awfully quickly, because the nominal amount-owed appreciates in value. As a result, they spend significantly less. At the same time, creditors have been shown to not spend enough such that it make up for this difference. Therefore, borrowing (and spending) goes down.
(3) Psychologically, people hate nominal wage decreases. With a fixed supply currency, year over year, wages will have to decrease in name. Even if the value of your wage rises, the amount written on the paycheck is lower. Therefore, people freak out.
These are troubling scenarios, though I think the first two are more substantial than the third. I don't mean to underestimate the psychological factor- in economics psychology is everything- but we'll talk about this later.
Krugman presents the first two points as bugs in a deflationary system. I see them as features.
"Your dollar will buy you more tomorrow than what it can today."
I think this is natural. We are a rapidly advancing species; through technology we are becoming more efficient, automating crappy tasks, raising the standard of living for less work, of course a dollar (that placeholder for your unit of production) is going to go further tomorrow than it does today.
Personally, I find this appealing. It provides every incentive to work now and spend later. That falls very much in line with good ol' American hard-working values and non-consumptive ethics.
Krugman finds this worrying though. If people have less incentive to spend, their is a crisis in demand. Hello liberals?! When was the last time we complained about lower consumption? In a country wracked with hyper-consumption that has put an unprecedented load on Earth's environment and ignited a climate crisis, I see a drop in demand as a breath of fresh air! Furthermore, you don't have to worry about people never spending. People will always spend now- but only on the want/need products, rather than the maybe-want-need-this-now-really-might-as-well-because-my-currency-is-losing-value-and-all-these-things-meet-my-zillion-useless-ephemeral-wants products.
I do believe there are much higher economic principles at work here. The United States is the world's default consumer. The global economy needs us to consume as much as it needs the million child laborers to produce. The economy would come crashing down if we stopped consuming immediately. But if we're trying to aim for a more sustainable economy, one that is compatible with the Earth's environment, let's move slowly and use a deflating currency as an incentive!
"Deflation rewards creditors and hurts debtors. Debtors spend less and creditors don't spend more enough to offset."
The impassive Krugman is beating around the bush. There is a problem when debtors suffer at the expense of creditors, and it's more than just a net loss in consumer spending. If you're concerned about a reduction in spending, see my previous point. But the remaining ethical problem is glaring- a power imbalance already exists in a creditor-debtor relationship, and it seems that deflation only widens this gap, crucifying the debt class on a cross of deflationary coin.
There's no doubt that this is a problem. And wealth redistribution may ultimately be easier with an inflationary currency- again, a word on that later. But there is also an incentive here: borrow less. Credit card debt is at an all-time high, up 1200% in the US since 1980, all while student loans have ballooned out of control. But neither of these problems even compares to the $7.8 trillion of mortgage debt our country has dug itself into.
Now debt is not a bad thing. The right combination of debt and saving, that is- using both capital previously earned with capital borrowed from future earnings- indicates a healthy economy. I don't want to have to work my entire life only to afford a house at the very end. I want to be able to borrow from my future economic output, buy the house now, and live in it while I work to pay it off. The same goes for student debt, corporate debt-financing, etc. Access to credit is crucial to a healthy middle class.
But ever-increasing debt is not sustainable. Nobody lives- and produces- forever, so you cannot always borrow from your future economic output. In the end, regardless of the money tricks you play, you have to produce enough value to cover your consumption. The world recently found out, in a mild manor, what happens when a currency's incentive and a nation's culture favors borrowing. When given the opportunity to build houses they never could have dreamed of paying off in their lifetime, millions of people took the offer and the biggest lenders took the risk. The echoes of their mass default still burden the global economy 6+ years later.
The point is, if Krugman says "inflation promotes borrowing", I say, "is this debt-ridden wreck what we really want our economy to look like?"
"People would freak out when their paycheck goes down."
I say get over it. Other possible proclamations in a deflationary world:
Better yet, this reflects reality! Technology makes everything cheaper every day. You should be paying lower phone bills tomorrow. Has the infrastructure gotten less efficient?
Here it feels like Krugman's grasping for straws. He pounces on people's reaction to their one source of income rather than their many expenses. This point also invokes that ugly liberal side: "The people don't know what's best for them."
The Central Authority as a Tool for Wealth Redistribution
Now we're talking. As a Liberal, I consider this to be a most important necessary evil. But let's call it what it is: stealing from the rich to give to the poor. (Unless we reject the modern notion of property- stay tuned...)
In an inflationary economy, value is constantly leaching out of everyone's savings. Those who control the monetary supply have a means of reaching into every dollar, and skimming off a little bit of value. We can choose to do a lot of good with this. Right now the skimmed dollars are "lent" to banks- the theory is that they then have more to lend to the general public and everyone benefits. Lending is good right? It introduces liquidity. But continue this cycle ad infinitum and all the spending in the economy starts in the form of bank debt! It is no coincidence that Americans households are more in debt than ever before.
If wealth redistribution is the only benefit of a central supply authority (which can fall out of trust at any time), this is a weak foundation. We already have a mechanism for wealth redistribution: taxation. Let's be proud of it, call a duck a duck, raise taxes on the wealthy, and introduce that liquidity with massive infrastructural programs, education spending, science spending, etc, rather than in the form of bank loans.
One last point- inflation appears to be a flat tax. That's already bad. It affects every dollar proportionally, rich or poor. Worse, the middle class and poor have a higher percentage of their net worth in USD- so inflation then becomes a regressive tax... given to banks... to be lent out to again to the middle class. All in the name of wealth redistribution?! In the name of kick-starting the economy?! Something's fishy here, and "you wouldn't understand, it's more complicated" doesn't cut it as an answer for these practices.
So. What are we even doing here?
In 2009 a great mind developed a tool, the first in the history of human civilization, for "minting" a currency according to a fixed and open sourced algorithm. Without the involvement of any third party, you can now send an irreproducible digital object of fixed supply to anyone with an internet connection. The implications are mind-boggling. But the first such currency, Bitcoin, happened to be fixed-supply and ultimately deflationary, which has re-sparked the deflation vs. inflation debate.
This is happenstance. The protocol that gives rise to these digital currencies- the bitcoin protocol (small b)- could easily implement a different supply model. Paul Krugman can start a currency, KrugCoin, with any supply model that he likes! Which begs one last question.
Let's say I'm presented with an option: I may collect my paycheck in a currency that deflates- that is, my paycheck will gain value over time. Or I may collect my paycheck in a currency that inflates- it loses value over time. Why would anyone choose the latter? Must a population be forced into using an inflationary currency? Are we?
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Should I invest in Bitcoin?

A new variant of bitcoin, named spacecoin just surfaced in my country. They rent bitcoin mining machines, and the mined coin from your machine goes to your account. Then you either sell the coins to the company for a lower price, or find a buyer yourself for a higher price.
A contact of mine claims to have earned 5000 bucks (around 1200 euros/1700 dollars here) in 50 days. He takes this thing really serious though; he invited a lot of people in with his referral code, so he gets a little more than normal. Very naive guy, so I doubt he's lying.
I have profited a small amount from buying and selling recently and I don't know what to do with it. I thought I could buy the smallest package these guys offer since I don't care happens to that money.
My concern is that this thing might a ponzi scheme or some other kind of scam. I have the money to try it, but let's hear the opinions of you redditors first.
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Betting in CND $ or Euro or British Pound?

Hi everyone, new canadian player here (so far, I'm 15 in 20/ 75%), things are going very well (a YUGE shout-out and massive thank you to some gamblers here that influenced me on a few winning bets), I do my lessons and listen to the pros but I got one big question. Currently, I'm betting in canadian dollar. I did some calculations and came up with this :
Let's say I start with a bank management of 1000$ CND, I make a profit of 1200$ CND, I end up with 2200$ CND.
Let's say I change idea and bet the same amount of money on an european bookie. 1000$ CND as of today is worth 697 euros and we take 5% for additional fees, 662 euros. I make 1200 euros, I end up with 1862 euros.
Converting 1862 euros in canadian, this gives 2676$ CND. Let's take an additional 5% for conversion fees n the 1862 euros, I have 2544$ CND.
Thoerically, if my calculations are correct, I made 344$ CND more by betting in euros.
My question is, should I? Do pros living outside of the EU bet in US, CND$, AUS$ or they bet in Euro or British pound? Is it more profitable to bet in your country's websites or go international? Will bookmakers allow me to do this because if I can come up with such a plan to make a quick 344$, they sure can come to the same conclusions too! Is it legal, will I get my account limited or suspended because of this?
I should add that currency fluctuate so if CND$ crash, obviously, the 344$ will go out in smoke but theorically, this sounds like a good way to make additional profit.
By the way, 2 more questions, is it true you don't pay tax on sport betting earnings in Canada? I read that on some website but don't know if there's any thuth to it. Will I pay taxes in the EU if I bet on an european site?
And finally, I read about Bitcoins. Is it more profitable to bet in CND/Euro/BP, Bitcoins or it's the same?
Thanks in advance for the answers!!
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So... The insurer whose "solvency" is most dependent on maintaining the fiction that the riskiest assets in Exter's Inverted Pyramid (derivatives) are actually worth something - is now paying the devs who write the code for the solidest asset in that pyramid (Bitcoin). What could possibly go wrong?
Exter's Pyramid
Exter is known for creating Exter's Pyramid (also known as Exter's Golden Pyramid and Exter's Inverted Pyramid) for visualizing the organization of asset classes in terms of risk and size.
In Exter's scheme, gold [and now Bitcoin?] forms the small base of most reliable value, and asset classes on progressively higher levels are more risky.
The larger size of asset classes at higher levels is representative of the higher total worldwide notional value of those assets.
While Exter's original pyramid placed Third World debt at the top, today derivatives hold this dubious honor.
I like to think that the graph in the link below provides a nice, updated version of "Exter's Pyramid", although the layout isn't exactly triangular (but the sizes of each asset class are actually more accurate):
Note that Bitcoin is the safest asset in the system - and derivatives are the riskiest.
And there is very, very little Bitcoin - versus a shitload of derivatives.
But if you hold Bitcoin (ie, you hold your private keys), then you have absolutely no counterparty risk. Versus if hold a derivative, it could be totally worthless - depending on whether the counterparty behind it is "solvent" or not.
And I would think that the battle between "people who hold Bitcoin" versus "people who hold derivatives" will shape up to be a million times more massive than the battle between savers and borrowers that we've already seen in the world.
In other words, an insurance company like AXA, which is more dependent on derivatives than any other insurer, is probably freaked out that they'd lose over a trillion dollars if Bitcoin were to succeed.
So... Can people start to see why I'm so freaked out about AXA funding Bitcoin development via their "investment" in Blockstream?
The insurance company with the biggest exposure to the 1.2 quadrillion dollar (ie, 1200 TRILLION dollar) derivatives casino is AXA. Yeah, that AXA, the company whose CEO is head of the Bilderberg Group, and whose "venture capital" arm bought out Bitcoin development by "investing" in Blockstream. (see where AXA is on the graph on page 5)
It's really poignant to see some clueless people wondering what AXA's "business model" might be for investing in Bitcoin.
Those clueless people need to wake the fuck up and face the reality of how bankers continue to print trillions of dollars to enslave the world.
AXA has absolutely zero interest in becoming some kind of two-bit Red Hat earning chump change in "support fees" or even "transaction fees" from being the maintainers / developers of some kind of open-source cryptocurrency sidechain code.
I can pretty much guarantee you: that is not their "busines model" for wanting to control Bitcoin development via investing in Blockstream.
As of 2007, AXA already had 1.123 trillion Euros in AUM (Assets under Management).
That's over a million million Euros.
And as of 2014, one half of AXA (just their "AXA IM" part) had AUD 891 billion of Assets under Management.
So, for a giant insurer like AXA, "investing" $55 million in Blockstream is like dropping a fraction of a penny on the ground.
And any paltry few million dollars - or even billions of dollars - which AXA might make or lose from Blockstream / Lightning or whatever, would still be pretty insignificant bordering on immaterial when compared with the half a trillion or so dollars of derivatives which are on AXA's balance sheet - and which they must desperately try to continue to prop up, by continuing to keep people believing in the whole charade of the worldwide derivatives casino.
That's what is at stake here. The very definition of the worldwide accounting ledger itself - not a few entries in it. And as we know, Bitcoin provides an entirely new - and transparent, and unforgeable - ledger.
That's why companies like AXA want to control Bitcoin development. Not to make millions or even billions of dollars on fees. But to to continue to prop up the so-called legitimacy of their legacy accounting ledger containing hundreds of trillions of dollars. (Remember, the derivatives market is a ledger with entries currently totally $1.2 quadrillion dollars - ie, 1200 trillion dollars - and that ledger itself is what Bitcoin's very existence is threatening to "uber".)
AXA does not give a fuck what happens to the $55 million that got invested in Blockstream in that second funding round they participated in back in February 2016. The only purpose of that money is to sprinkle a few hundred thou around per dev per year to control useful idiots like Gregory Maxwell and Adam Back and outright lunatics like Luke-Jr - to let those economically ignorant coders keep on toiling away on their idealistic pie-in-the-sky mathematical cypherpunk daydreams, while the Bitcoin network goes into paralysis due to artificially small blocksize due to doctrainaire dolts like the current crop of "Core" devs.
AXA does not give a fuck if Blockstream or SegWit or Lightning succeeds.
The only reason AXA is interested in Bitcoin is because Bitcoin is real money, and AXA's balance sheet uses a legacy ledger based on the fiction of fantasy fiat money - and Bitcoin threatens to destroy all that.
AXA knows that it must destroy Bitcoin - or else Bitcoin will destroy AXA.
And before some brainwashed amateurish sophomoric loser wanna-be astroturfing troll from r\bitcoin wanders over here again and tries to spout some meaningless nonsense disruptive bullshit to sidetrack this serious topic (responses in the previous thread linked above included gibberish like "get a job!" or "MtGox!" or "but scammers!") - I would appreciate it if someone around here could divert about a half hour of their precious multitasking time and brainpower towards addressing the 800-pound gorilla of a question in the room, namely:
Do you think it's a good idea for the insurance company with the biggest exposure to the "legacy ledger" of derivatives in both $ and % terms (AXA - with $464 billion in notional derivatives exposure, over 50% of their balance sheet in this 2013 report - see graph on page 5) to be paying the devs who are in charge of "upgrading" our Bitcoin code - or do you think there might be the tiiiniest chance of some kind of conflict of interest there???
This could be the biggest issue in Bitcoin right now.
But it doesn't seem to get addressed head-on very much.
You don't hear the name "AXA" or the word "derivatives" used very much - although these might be the most important aspects of the issue here.
This isn't about earning or losing a million dollars here or a billion dollars there.
This is about redefining the very heart and soul of the world's ledger - which Bitcoin has a chance to do.
This is about that tiny speck called "Bitcoin" at the top of the chart in the link below:
organically growing and blossoming and eventually destroying that grotesque metastazising mass called "derivatives" at the bottom of that chart.
That is why AXA is interested in Bitcoin.
It's about the ledger itself - not the payment rails - not even the tokens - and certainly not the fees.
Trust me, no company with 1 trillion dollars of Assets under Management is going to pay any attention to some miniscule little runt like Bitcoin with a mere $7 billion in market cap - unless they think that miniscule little runt actually might contain the code which might possibly replace their whole precarious phoney fiat fantasy accounting ledger which pays their billion dollar bonuses and buys their mansions and yachts.
That is why AXA is "investing" in Bitcoin. To control it - not to earn some pathetic tiny fees from it.
And it's time we started addressing this issue seriously.
The main question is:
Do you want a massive, derivatives-dependent, legacy fiat insurance company like AXA controlling Bitcoin development??
Upvotes on these kinds of posts are certainly nice (and drive-by troll-snark is of course tedious and annoying).
But what I would really like to know is whether there is anyone on these forums who wants to spend some time seriously discussing things like:
  • the $1.2 quadrillion derivatives casino,
  • that other notorious insurance group (AIG) which engaged in massive and fraudulent derivatives shenanigans that almost took down the world's economy in 2008,
  • the massive and glaring conflict of interest in letting a company whose very façade of solvency depends on maintaining the fantasy legacy ledger which Bitcoin threatens to replace
  • etc etc etc
Do we want a corrupt derivatives monster like AXA (which is probably only steps away from becoming the next AIG) to be in charge of paying Bitcoin devs?
I don't have all the answers. I'm just some shmuck who spent a few years writing code for some major financial institutions, and I heard and saw a few things, and I watched how those scumbags almost brought down the world's economy in 2008, and I am fully convinced that they do not want something like Bitcoin to "uber" their legacy ledger.
So I am simply raising the question, and I really would like to know if anyone else has anything substantive to say about this:
Should the insurance company with the biggest exposure to derivatives (the riskiest asset in the world), which is totally dependent on maintaining the charade of the world's legacy fantasy fiat accounting ledger, be in charge of paying the devs writing the code for the solidest asset in the world (Bitcoin), which threatens to "uber" that very ledger?
Could there be a conflict of interest in this kind of situation?
Am I the only person around here who finds this absolutely outrageous?
Or does everyone just think it's fine and dandy - and maybe we could even just put someone like Blythe Masters or Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein in charge of paying Bitcoin devs?
Henri de Castries might not be a household villain name like some of those above. He's probably a more behind-the-scenes guy. But he is the chairman of the Bilderberg group, and he is the CEO of AXA, and he is going to move to HSBC this fall - and now he is paying Greg Maxwell's and Adam Back's and Luke Jr's salary.
And then we sit here and keep wondering why "our" devs keep ignoring us when we've been begging them for over a year to pretty-please give us bigger blocks so the Bitcoin network won't die.
Well, maybe there's more to the story than meets the eye here.
Maybe it's time for us to start to recognize the magnitude of who we might actually be up against here, and how they might have used social engineering to infiltrate and neutralize the Bitcoin development process, and how desperate they might be to maintain the so-called legitimacy of their make-believe legacy accounting ledger which Bitcoin is poised to replace.
Maybe it's time to stop bringing a pocket-knife to fight a SWAT team.
Like I say, I don't know what the answer will turn out to be. (Maybe a spin-off, but who really knows at this point.)
But I do think it's time for all of us to sober up and start asking some serious questions about this bullshit we've been getting from Blockstream.
We need to be realistic about who and what we're up against - and how many trillions of dollars they know are at stake - and how dirty and sneaky they're willing to fight.
And we need to liberate Bitcoin development from the people who stand to lose the most from Bitcoin - and put it back in the hands of people who stand to win the most from Bitcoin.
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